The Wests want to tell the story of your wedding...

Winner of several international wedding photography awards, Nathaniel West has more than 14 years of experience as a newspaper photojournalist and writer. He also has a passion for the arts, which he inherited from his father, a music and theatre educator. Combine this love of artistry with many years in journalism, and the result is a photographer/videographer who strives to capture the special moments of your life beautifully and authentically. He and his wife, Lisa, have more than two decades of combined experience as wedding photojournalists. Now their daughter, Zoe, winner of numerous state and national photography awards, has joined the team!

West Photography offers one basic photography package: For $2,500, you receive all-day coverage of the wedding day, and around 1,000 Photoshopped, high-resolution pictures on a disc and/or online, along with written permission to reproduce the pictures. Candid photos and artistic portraits are emphasized, but the more traditional group and family photos certainly are not overlooked. The Wests do not charge by the hour — they are normally there starting sometime with hair/makeup, all the way through the reception. In order to book the Wests for photography, they ask for a $500 deposit and a $1,000 payment six months before the wedding date, with the remaining balance due the day of the wedding. You can find sample wedding photos on the Galleries page and on their Facebook page. 

West Photography can provide you with prints and albums from White House Custom Colour. There is no markup for the prints, and there's only a $100 graphic design fee for the albums, plus printing costs.

The Wests support equal rights for everyone, including same-sex couples.